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Our petition uses the Speak Out! Email Petitions plug-in for WordPress.

We ask signers to provide their first and last names, their email address, and their city and country of residence. When the petition is signed, we send a request for confirmation to the signer's email address. Once the signer's email address has been confirmed, the petition is emailed automatically to the Prime Minister. The petition is signed with the signer's contact information.

Our site will display a signer's first name, the first letter of the signer's last name, and the signer's city and country of residence.

A signer's first and last name, email address, and city and country of residence are stored in the WordPress database and may be exported to CSV format. We will not use this information for any purpose other than this petition, and - beyond the information displayed on our site - we will not share any information about signers with others.



9 thoughts on “Speak Out! Email Petition”

  1. Putting Snowden in jail for protecting the very freedom that has been fought for by so many others is ridiculous. No one should have their rights violated, ESPECIALLY by the people that are elected to uphold those rights!

  2. It is outrageous and contemptible how Edward Snowden has been so brutally disparaged and regarded as a traitor by so many who should know better. However, he does have a tremendous amount of support from so many people who do realise he is truly courageous and has shown clearly how much he cares for the rights of innocent humans not to be spied on so egregiously.

    The Canadian government would set before the world a genuinely compassionate example by deciding swiftly that Mr Snowden should be permitted to live freely in your wonderful country.

    Britain's current government is an utter disgrace in numerous ways, but that's another shameful story.


    D. D. Lewis

  3. Mr Snowden, I would welcome you in Canada. Despite obvious security problems, spying programs play against people's rights. Courageous men like you are necessary to inform citizens.

  4. Snowden was faithful to his oath to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC. It really is that simple. The People had the unquestionable right to know how their government was/is breaking the law.

  5. Through Edward Snowdens selfless act of helping bring the atrocities of mass surveillance into light, he has single handedly changed the way the world uses their digital devices. He should be granted asylum and protection and be honoured for his sacrifice.

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