Hitler - A Career

From Hitler - A Career

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Beginning ~ 02:30

"Germany, awake!"

This rallying call was more potent than any politician's catchphrase. It rang out as a cry for salvation.

"Germany, awake!"

For a nation in turmoil, its identity shaken after a lost war, the call that brought the promise of a new dawn, united under one symbol, and one man.

The call came from a man who understood the magical power of simple imagery,  a man who liked to descend from the clouds to his people, like some kind of god.

Millions were ready to give unquestioning loyalty to any man who would promise them what they most needed: law and order, a sense of purpose, and, above all, belief in themselves.

Adolph Hitler appeared to millions of Germans as the man who could give them all this. In him, they saw the living proof that the course of history could be bound up with the destiny of one man.

His Minister for Propaganda, Josef Goebbels, expressed it in these words: "Although it may be good to possess power that is based on guns, it is better and more gratifying to win the hearts of the people and to keep them."

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