The Snowden Surveillance Archive
Office of the Communications Security Establishment Commissioner
Bennet, CJ, Haggerty, KD, Lyon, D and Steeves, V - Transparent lives - Surveillance in Canada - 2014
O\'Neill et al v. The Attorney General of Canada - Ontario Superior Court 20061019
Cox, James - Canada and the Five Eyes Intelligence Community - 20121218
Q&A: Why is the U.S. collecting phone data on its citizens? -CBC News 20130606
Privacy czar to probe Canadian impact of U.S. data program - CBC News 20130610
Neil Macdonald: Big Brother is listening in and no one seems to care - CBC News 20130610
Canadians need proper debate about monitoring of phone and Internet - The Globe and Mail 20130610
More revelations to come in NSA leak case, reporter says - CBC News 20130611
Dan Misener: Sidestepping Apple's geoblock could put Canadians on NSA's radar - CBC News 20130611
Should Canadians worry about data snooping? - CBC News 20130612
CSE: What do we know about Canada's eavesdropping agency? - CBC News 20130614
Statement by CSE Commissioner the Honourable Robert Décary - 20130613
Walkom, Thomas - Why Canada should offer Edward Snowden sanctuary (and why it won't) - Toronto Star 20130702
Canada criticizes Russian asylum for leaker Snowden - CBC News 20130802
Mayer, Andre - New cyberbullying law has 'larger agenda,' expands police powers - CBC News 20131122
CSEC used airport Wi-Fi to track Canadian travellers: Edward Snowden documents - CBC News 20140130
CSEC Snowden docs: MPs grill defence minister on spying revelation - CBC News 20140131
⊗ Statement by CSE Commissioner the Honourable Jean-Pierre Plouffe re: January 30 CBC story - 20140131
⊗ Spy agencies, prime minister's adviser defend Wi-Fi data collection - CBC News 20140203
⊗ Chung, Emily - New privacy rules target data breaches, fraud - CBC News 20140409
⊗ Payton, Laura - Privacy concerns raised about new cyberbullying legislation- CBC News 20140501
⊗ Mas, Susana - Cyberbullying victims' parents divided over privacy concerns in online bill - CBC News 20140513
⊗ Mas, Susana - Cyberbullying bill surveillance powers alarm Ontario privacy watchdog- CBC News 20140521
⊗ Declaration on mass surveillance calls for new privacy measures - CBC News 20140523
⊗ Payton, Laura - NDP wants privacy, security experts to probe warrantless data gathering - CBC News 20140526
⊗ Mas, Susana - Cyberbullying bill won't be split in 2, Peter MacKay says - CBC News 20140528
⊗ Payton, Laura - Cyberbullying bill inches closer to law despite privacy concerns - CBC News 20141010
⊗ Dyer, Evan - Cyberbullying bill draws fire from diverse mix of critics - CBC News 20141020
⊗ Cyberbullying bill raises alarm for privacy commissioner - CBC News 20141120
⊗ CSE tracks millions of downloads daily - Snowden documents - CBC News 20150127
⊗ How Canada's spy agency hunts extremists through file-sharing sites- CBC News 20150128
⊗ Cyber surveillance worries most Canadians: privacy czar's poll - CBC News 20150128
⊗ CSE's Levitation project: Expert says spy agencies 'drowning in data' and unable to follow leads - CBC News 20150129
⊗ CSE monitors millions of Canadian emails to government - CBC News 20150225
⊗ Communication Security Establishment's cyberwarfare toolbox revealed - CBC News 20150323
⊗ CSE spying in Mexico: Espionage aimed at friends 'never looks good' - CBC News 20150325
⊗ CSE worried about how its use of Canadian metadata might be viewed - CBC News 20150422
⊗ Global cyberbullying target of Five Eyes meeting hosted by Canada - CBC News 20150512
⊗ Spy agencies target mobile phones, app stores to implant spyware - CBC News 20150521

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